Your next kitesurfing holiday begins here!


Cruising on a luxury yacht, kiting between the virgin island of the Red Sea islands, away from the stress of the resorts.


Different islands, different spots – all of them with flat, warm, and shallow water in thousand shades of blue. Because of the location, you can also expect more wind of the islands than at the shore.


» YALLAH Sport« team will make sure you are having a good time and progressing with tips and help – all you have to do is enjoy your kite safari in the best company.

best kitesurfing conditions egypt

Good wind great vibes


kite safari cruise boat


Whats included?


  • 7 nights staying on a luxury yacht.
  • Transfers from the airport to the boat and back.
  • Comfortable rooms with a private bathroom
  • Free Wi-Fi on board (location dependant)
  • Marine park, and harbour fee
  • Service charge for boat crew


  • Kite guides and beach boys to help with your kite equipment.
  • Unlimited rescue boat.
  • Kite equipment storage.
  • Tips & tricks for advanced riders.
  • Wakeboard, snorkelling, and SUP equipment

Food & Drink

  • Full buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 7 days.
  • Soft drinks & water on demand. 
  • Fruits and snacks available 24/7.


  • Water bottle
  • T-shirt
Whats in our kitesurfing holiday packages?
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Comfortable rooms with a private bathroom

12 rooms are renovated and offer all the comfort you need for a good night’s rest. 

7 day full buffet

Buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a variety of local and international dishes. Between the main meals, fresh fruits and snacks are always available. Please let us know if you have special food requirements or allergies. 

Soft drinks, fruits, and snacks

Soft drinks, water, tea, and coffee are available throughout the day. We will also make sure you stay hydrated during your sessions by having soft drinks with us on the beach. Local alcohol is available on the boat for an extra charge. 

Kite guide and a beach boy.

Our experienced and licensed instructors will take you for every step of your kiteboarding journey, whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider. There is at least one beach boy always waiting on the beach to help you with launching and landing. 

Beginner course

For an additional charge you can get an 9-hour beginner course that will take you into the world of kiteboarding in a safe, fast, and fun way. For the best experience, our beginner course is limited to a maximum of 2 students per instructor Show Price List

Advanced coaching

If you are an experienced rider, grab the opportunity to improve your riding and take your skills to the next level. During our group coaching, you will receive tips and tricks for higher, more stylish, and more attractive jumps. Includes photos and video analysis. Show Price List

Kite equipment storage

We will make sure your equipment is safe and protect it while you are taking a lunch break or a quick rest.

Unlimited rescue boat use

Safety is our number one priority (well, and having fun!). That’s why we always have a rescue boat with an experienced driver on standby, in case you need some help or if you experience any problem with your equipment.

Wakeboard, snorkeling, and SUP equipment

For days with less wind, we are equipped with everything you need to have fun. Explore the magnificent underworld of the Red Sea, paddle into the sunset, or wakeboard behind the boat. The choice is yours.

Photos & videos of the week

We want to make sure you enjoy every moment, and at the same time, keep the memories forever. That’s why we always have a professional photographer aboard, who is there to catch all the best moments. Also available for private sessions (extra charge).

Customized YALLAH poncho

There is no better feeling than a warm and soft hug after your session. In cooperation with YALLAH poncho, you will receive a customized poncho, made from 100% Egyptian cotton. 

Insulated stainless steel bottle

We care. We care about the Red Sea and we are aiming to limit the use of plastic. You will receive an insulated bottle, that will keep your drinks cold or hot, which you can refill from the water cooler at any time during the trip.

Massage (extra)

After a full day of kiting, it is important to give your body the rest it deserves. Our experienced massage therapists are available for a classic and sports massage, which will help your body to recover and give you back the power for the next sessions.

Checkin & Checkout

YALLAH kite safari always starts on Saturday, when we expect your arrival after 7:00 PM. We spend the first night in the marina and start cruising early on Sunday morning. After 6 days of cruising, we return to the marina on Friday afternoon and visit the city of Hurghada for dinner or a drink (optional). The checkout time is on Saturday at 9:00 AM.

Visit Red Sea Islands in Style

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Check out our 2023 schedule.

4-11 May 2024
15-22 June 2024
22-29 June 2024
7-14 September 2024
5-12 October 2024
12-19 October 2024
16-23 November 2024
23-30 November 2024


Limited Spaces!

Reserve Your Spot Today!

Limited Spaces! Reserve Your Spot Today!

The best kite

spots in egypt

Follow the wind as it takes you to the Red Sea for a kitesurf holiday of your lifetime!

Can you imagine waking up every day, to the smell of delicious breakfast and the sound of the wind blowing outside of your cabin?

Your only concern is deciding what kite size to use (and even with that, we can help), and to go and have fun!

This is what every day on our luxury kitesurfing cruise will start like.

There is constant and reliable wind, warm weather, and our friendly kite safari team.

What more could a kitesurfer wish for than the perfect combination of a kitesurfing holiday on a luxury boat among spacious lagoons with flat, shallow, emerald blue water.  

red sea egypt abu minqar island
Abu Minqar Island

A flat, low island is the closest island to the city of Hurghada and is the smallest of the islands that we visit. Magnefko island area of fewer than 2 km2 and is a flat island with a low level of 2 m. Its surface is covered with coral formations and organic sands.

Your kitesurfing holiday typically starts here (unless conditions are favorable elsewhere).

Red Sea Egypt Tawila Island
Tawila Island

Tawila is one of the most amazing spots we have ever seen! With the biggest beach and an area of more than 21 km2, it offers opportunities for kiting, windsurfing, snorkeling, and diving.

The Island of Tawila is famous for its white sandy beach, shallow lagoons with incredible shades of emerald water. 

best kitesurf destinations
Geisum Island

South Geisum is a peace of paradise with a total area of about 9.7 km2. This Island is famous for mangroves, colorful reefs, and turquoise lagoons, as well as an old harbor in the southern part of the island.  

North Geisum Island lies at the north of the South Geisum Island, but the two are separated by a submerged back reef.

Red Sea Egypt Ashrafi Island
Ashrafi Island

Small, but very windy island on the north of the Red Sea as this is the point where the wind builds up and continues to blow towards Hurghada.

Ashrafi is the island with the strongest wind. The Ashrafi Island consists of three small longitudinal Islands situated at the entrance of the Gubal Strait and is a perfect spot to spend your luxury kitesurfing holiday cruise. 



YALLAH Sport will make sure you are having a good time and progressing with your kiting – all you have to do is enjoy your kitesurfing holiday in the best company and among friends. 

Maybe this is your first time kitesurfing, or maybe you have been kiting for years and you need the right conditions to progress to the next level. No matter what level of kitesurfer you are, our experienced team of kitesurfing instructors can help you advance to the next level. Kitesurfing should be accessible to each and every person, thats why we love this sport and thats why we want you to have the best experience possible on the water!

just imagine

Waking up each morning and kitesurfing on the beautiful Red Sea at sunrise and our photographer captures this amazing moment for you!

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Yallah, let’s go!